Should I Eat That?

How To Choose The

Healthiest Foods

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“How do you decide if your food is healthy or not? Do you prefer organic, low fat, low carb, low sugar, high protein, soy, vegan or vegetarian? All of these?  None of these? Or are you just attracted to a picture on the box?

Making healthy choices has gotten very confusing as stores are filled to the brim with foods no one should be eating - even the food brands which claim to be “healthy.”

In his informative and fun style, Jeff reveals the truth behind the marketing of “health” foods, and shows a simple system for insuring you make wise choices. Don’t be fooled again!”

“Americans have lost the ability to know what to eat. Jeff Novick explains in a clear and concise manner what they should be eating and why.”

John McDougall, MD,

Founder of the McDougall Residential Program

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Customer Reviews

“Your new DVD "Should I Eat That?" was about the best I have ever

seen in explaining a food label and what we should be putting in our mouths!! It had so much information that I watched it twice. My next time through it, I am going to take a few notes. I will be wanting to remember this stuff when I go shopping again. And by the way I was going to loan this one out to good friends. I'm not loaning it out---I'm going to purchase them their own copy!!”

“Thanks for some great information!!”

“Nice work Jeff! I have placed my order and have several of your other DVD products. Excellent nutrition education!”

“This should be required watching for all of America!”

“Thanks Jeff. It's a must have video for everyone. Should be mandatory in high school curriculums. Highly recommended!!!!”

“... absolutely great!! I have played it a few times. (Jeff) has a way of presenting things in such a simple way. I have plans to get everything he ever puts out.  Thanks Jeff for the education!! Much appreciated.”

“Jeff Novick's rendition of food labeling is unparalleled in its clarity and thoroughness. No

one has a better insight into the folly of food advertising.”

T. Colin Campbell

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus

of Nutritional Biochemistry

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY