Fast Food - Vol 3:

Shopping School



How do you know which products to buy at your local grocery store?

Grab your notebook, pen and paper, and get ready to go to Shopping School, with your personal nutritional Professor, Jeff Novick!

The Professor is prepared to guide you through the treacherous grocery aisles and show you how to really read labels, and find the healthiest products available.

In this nearly 3-hour DVD course, Professor Jeff demonstrates how to apply the principles of label reading to brand name products available in many grocery stores. Learn what to look for, and most importantly -- what to watch out for!

As an added bonus, Professor Jeff reveals his top 10 packaged foods recommendations, and why he thinks they are great!

Fast Food: Shopping School is the most important class you'll ever take! Why? Because once you pass this class, you'll have all the tools you need to make healthy choices and make sure you have a long and healthy life!


"The contents of this DVD were sensationally good. I learned how to judge foods by their labels, how to tell healthy from unhealthy foods as Jeff walked me through the aisles of a supermarket. The recommendation made on pasta sauce will easily pay for the this disk. Highest recommendation."   ...Sara H

"Great DVD Jeff, you make it so simple that even I can do it! Actually looking forward to going grocery shopping today and starting Monday. Thanks again for a great DVD. For those who watch, print the pdf first." ... Todd N

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